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The comfort zone is not that comfortable

Posted on: November 22nd, 2011 by:Onyi Anyado  1 Comment


The title of my blog is very direct and doesn’t pull any punches.What is the comfort zone? I looked at a few definitions and came up with the following: The comfort zone is a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable or in control.

This is the 11th month of 2011 and many people haven’t achieved anything tangible. There are many reasons why people don’t achieve anything worthwhile and that is because of the comfort zone mentality.

I don’t believe that there are any neighbourhoods, villages, towns, cities or nations on planet earth which are called ‘the comfort zone’. My belief is that the comfort zone is an area that is in the mind of a person. There are many reasons why people want to stay in the comfort zone and some of the reasons are fear, procrastination and lack of vision and goals.

Fear can be described as; terror, fright, alarm, nervousness and anxiety. Research was undertaken many years ago and it showed that 80% of the things that we are scared of never actually happen. So if you are scared 80% of the time, it is actually wise to use the remaining 20% to get out of the comfort zone and make fear a thing of the past. The very thing you are scared of doing might be the key to opening the door of excellence and achievements that has been locked from your doubts.

Procrastination can be described as; to put off doing something, or to postpone or delay needlessly. As a Life coach many of my clients tell me they have issues with using their time effectively, but once we got to the root of the issue they realised that it is not time that is hindering them but rather the ‘put off today and do what you can do tomorrow’ attitude.
In regards to the goal that you need to achieve today, what is the reason why you can’t achieve it? Is it time, money, fear, confidence or is it just laziness?

If the comfort zone was a hole in the ground would you just sit in it all day watching the world go by or would you make a real effort to climb out of the hole, dust yourself off and become a person of excellence and purpose?

Vision can be described as sight, view or eyesight and goal can be described as aim, target, plan or purpose. Many people around the world haven’t got a clear and defined vision for their life neither do they work on their daily goals hence they remain in the comfort zone of life not achieving anything big or small, making no difference or using their gifts to empower, teach or help others.

If I were to meet you today and ask what your vision is for the next 12 months, what would you say? Or if I were to ask you what goals have you achieved in the last 7 days what would you say? In my experience people who are constantly complaining, criticising and cursing spend all day on social networks and are permanently angry are the people who have the loudest voices that are heard from the comfort zone.

I believe that the enemy of your excellence is the comfort zone and the more time you spend there will only make you successful in the arena of mediocrity.

There are only 6 weeks until the start of 2012 and I want to ask you, what is your comfort zone? Once you can identify your comfort zone you then have to look at what is keeping you there and use it as a platform to stand and walk out of the zone of mediocrity and into the zone of excellence and distinction.

The title of my blog is entitled ‘The comfort zone is not that comfortable’ so, are you comfortable where you are or can you step-up?

I will leave you with my quote and it reads:

Do you know that the destiny of excellence can never be fulfilled in the comfort zone or in the company of average?

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