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2017; The Year of Creative Distinction

Posted on: May 24th, 2017 by:Onyi Anyado  No Comments


We have entered an era of creative speed and with the global market now local, what will distinguish not only entrepreneurs, but teachers, students and employees alike will be the ability to conceive, believe and achieve a specific vision in record time. For me, it’s not about being in a rush but rather, it’s about slowing down to go faster.

I believe everyone has the ability to become an entrepreneurial leader. You might not see yourself as an entrepreneurial leader but my quote below will give you insight, ideas and illumination on the truth on why you should embrace creative distinction.


It was amazing to find out the likes of the iPhone, Amazon Kindle, Instagram and WhatsApp Inc. were only formed after 2006. The creative speed of these products and services we take for granted testify that truly we are in a time of creative speed and creative distinction.

The products and services I previously mentioned started off as simple ideas but in record time went on to cause gradual, global and generational impact. The idea you may think is simple or the idea you have given birth too is not just for today’s impact, I believe generations to come can and will benefit from your ‘simple’ idea.

If you are in need of a creative idea, my quote below will assist you.


I believe everyone has something to learn and knowing we’ve entered an era of creative speed, what will distinguish an individual will be the ability to learn, leverage and locate like a student. From this, one can and will see new possibilities and opportunities while others will only see problems and obstacles.¬†

So there you have it, we’ve now entered an era of creative speed and creative distinction and I’m so excited to be part of history. As previously mentioned, everyone has the ability to become an entrepreneurial leader and with this truth, your distinction will come from your visual perception, conception and creative acceleration.


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