“ I was very pleased with the Life Coaching service that Onyi provided. I have recommended Onyi's coaching to the service provider at our University, to coach our young graduates who are struggling with motivation, success and exams. - Sharon Mcbean South Bank University.

“ The YOUR TIME IS NOW Monthly Life Coaching Workshop was a great workshop to be involved in. I found the practical advice and guidance on my Goals one of the most rewarding elements of the workshop and key issues such as confidence was delivered in an effective way. - Ema Okoko.


Hitting The Target A 12 Month Guide To Distinction is the first book by Onyi Anyado, Visionary, Mentor and founder of Life coaching company B1 COACHING. Billed not only as a book, but also a study guide and training manual, its key selling point is in the simplicity of its guidance. As you flick through the pages, you will see that there is no waffling of information, just short, clear, paragraphed descriptions, which get straight to the point of its teachings. Each page is headed up by titles such as ‘Persistence’, ‘Focused’, ‘Purpose’ and ‘Vision’, which the author explains are essential to achieving excellence and distinction. To help the reader keep their goals in mind, the book contains easy to remember acronyms. For example, on the chapter on using past mistakes as a reference point for ‘Change’, the author encourages you to (C)ourageously and (H)onestly (A)ccept (N)ew (G)rowths then (E)xpand. Once you have finished a chapter, there is space provided for you to work out how you are going to achieve that goal for the week. In short, Hitting The Target A 12 Month Guide To Distinction presents a weekly digest of the mindset needed to focus goals in the direction for achieving excellence in all endeavors.

Chinwe Ojielo; Journalist The Afro News

In today’s world of violence, lack of purpose, direction, vision and leadership, we need role models to help us in our journey of life. Hitting The Target A 12 Month Guide To Distinction , is the book that will mentor you on your journey to significance and excellence regardless of your chosen field. This book is a powerful manual which can be used as a tool to implement effective change in our homes, schools, colleges, work place and in fact in society as a whole. Hitting the Target A 12 Month Guide To Distinction is a must-read.

Charles Nelson

First of all I would like to thank Onyi Anyado for producing Hitting the Target A 12 Month Guide To Distinction, the book gives me greater clarity on how to set and accomplish my goals as I proceed in the journey of life. The book is a fantastic read and full of excellent content that can change your outlook on life and guide you to a new level of distinction. Onyi’s knowledge, passion and commitment to help people achieve their goals and dreams is legendary.

Bode Olowookere

Hitting the Target A 12 Month Guide To Distinction is an invaluable and comprehensive guide for any purpose driven individual requiring more structure to maintain focus and motivation levels. The layout is very good as it is a weekly goal driven workbook to make your goals easier to achieve by first writing them down. The book is full of positive buzzwords that are empowering and inspiring. Using these already positive words as mnemonics adds a further layer of depth to the meaning and impact. My favourite quote from this book is on the page entitled SWAGGER, a term in my opinion that usually has a somewhat negative slant to it has now gone through a transformation as Onyi has taken it through a paradigm shift with a brand new positive meaning: (S)tart to (W)ant (A)chievements that (G)uarantee (G)reat and (E)xcellent (R)esults.

Peace Ani

Bess O

Anne W